• We do Analytics. Yes we do.

    We help you to be a champion with analytics. Analyze your business with the best tools on the market. Want to tell your story?

    We mimic your workforce without getting tired. Ever.

    We help companies to free up time to do valuable tasks with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

  • We do analytics!


    We love to visualize your story!

    Ok, not only your story :) We believe stories can be made of data. Yes, data is the base of your organizations story and that story can be visualized with different tools. All these data, tons of data, you have stored in different locations or/and applications can be gathered and displayed for you to take data driven decisions to improve your business. This is really what business intelligence is about.


    Business Intelligence is not only a project. It's more than that - its a journey. A journey of continuous improvements where your organization learn to trust the data and the stories made.


    We help you with this journey and we deliver BI-as-a-service, that is a fully managed BI-service so your organization may focus on the analytics rather than building the backend data warehouse. Mimico work primarily with the best BI-vendors on the market - Looker and Google BigQuery.

    Want to create your story?

    The first steps

    There are different ideas of how Business Intelligence should be implemented in an organization. For us, the most important thing is to present the best story that gives you value and helps you to take the correct decisions. We believe that small steps towards a defined goal is the best way to begin your journey.


    We usually go through the following steps when helping organizations along this journey.

    The synopsis

    You must see to believe

    The first step into creating a story is to create a synopsis based on your own data. Let us create a short story and show you a summary of the functionality delivered by the tools. Call this step a pilot or test but the main thing here is for you to see to believe.


    This step usually takes one or two weeks depending on the scope and the data available.


    We show how the tools may comply your requirements of

    • Visualization
    • Functionality
    • Analysis
    • Self service

    The first chapters of your story!

    Setting up the journey

    You decided that you want to create stories. What now?


    If you are buying BI-as-a-service, we agree on the scope of one or two sprints that will be conducted as a traditional development project - don't worry we have fixed prices per month so you will always be in control. When the project finishes we enter "maintenance mode" where you only pay per user - We will take care of everything - license costs, errors, on-boarding of new users and changes on current data and reports.


    If you want to have your BI-competence in-house we help you with the "infrastructure" to enable the storytelling and we guide you in the licensing purchase.


    Example of activities:

    • Development of your first stories.
    • Development of frameworks and processes for deployment, communications and governance.
    • Performance monitoring.
    • Documentation of requirements, solution design and handover plans.
    • Establishing incident process (BI as a service)

    Never ending story...

    It's not a project

    BI is not a project it's a journey. This means that you have continuous requirements coming in from your business and you need to have a process to handle those. You see, your stories will give your organization new ideas all the time that are impossible to predict and when you give them even more stories they will get even more ideas!


    You will come aware of that you have different kind of requirements; from those who analyze the business in different ways - Analysis - and from process owners who wants to follow up KPI's - Reporting.


    If you're buying "BI-as-a-service" we will take care of the new data ingestion into the service in a new implementation project. We agree on a scope for one or two sprints, add the new data and models/reports, and then go back to maintenance mode.


    If you're not buying "BI-as-a-service" it is also important that you have an organization not only that maintains the platform but also the data ingested and presented.


    At this point we focus on:

    • Optimizing management of platform.

    • Setting up and optimizing the requirements process.

    • Establishing best practices.

    • Establishing or growing the center of internal BI experts for data governance.

    • Setting up a maintenance organization.

    Are you ready to tell your story?

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  • So, what is RPA?

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

    Robotic Process Automation

    It's just a robot!

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a software "robot" application which mimics the actions of a human being interacting with the user interface of a computer system. In other words you're automating your processes by training a robot to mimic your workforce. The difference is that the robot does it faster, more accurate, cheaper, and it never gets tired! Imagine what happens if you multiply them!


    So, if the robots are taking over the world what are you suppose to work with? We know you're a business expert and if you do less repetitive tasks you may focus entirely on doing tasks that delivery more value to your business. That's the thing with RPA. The robot takes care of the boring stuff and allows you to do the fun stuff!

    Ok, so how do you recruit a robot?

    Glad you asked because we have a bunch of them and we only need to train them to mimic your processes and you're ready to fly!


    But first we need to go through some steps very similar to a recruitment process. We can help you with all steps presented below or isolated if you already have an ongoing RPA journey.

    The interview

    Proof of concept

    What we usually do is that we first make a proof of concept to present the robot to you. It's like an interview. You want to make sure the robot can be trained right?


    With your help we choose a suitable process to automate and let the robot mimic the workforce.

      The probationary period


      Ok, so the robot passed the first step in the recruitment process and you want to test it - like a probationary period. We call this step a pilot. During this period you get to know the robot and notice that it doesn't have any feelings or doesn't get tired. Ever.


      Example of activities in this step are:

      • Building an automation team.
      • Defining an implementation model for the organization.
      • Developing frameworks - deployment, communication and governance.
      • Setting up one or more robots to automate one more processes in production according to the defined implementation model.
      • Performance monitoring.
      • Documentation of requirements, solution design, test scripts, handover plans.

      The new employees

      Ramp up

      When you're comfortable with the robot and know it's habits you're ready to ramp up and recruit more of them. Now, this is the step when you really see your new robotic workforce making a big difference! We train a lot of robots for different tasks through your processes.


      At this point we focus on:

      • Optimizing management of the newly deployed robots.

      • Qualifying additional processes for automation.

      • Establishing best practices.

      • Establishing or growing the center of internal automation experts.

      Mr Robot you are one of us!


      Ok, now you have a big workforce of robots. It's time to institutionalize them and establish a virtual organization to rule them all. We help you setting up best practices, governance board to manage the process automation pipeline demand, disaster recovery.


      Most importantly we help you set up maintenance processes or a maintenance agreement to help you if needed. It's like calling John Connor when the terminators are doing bad things!

      Ok are you ready to rumble?

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      We are based in the capital of Sweden - Stockholm - so give us a call or email us and we'll bring the coffee and present you Mr.Robot. You may also use the contact form and we'll call you!



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