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  • We do analytics!


    We love to visualize your story!

    Ok, not only your story :) We believe stories can be made of data. Yes, data is the base of your organizations story and that story can be visualized with different tools. All these data, tons of data, you have stored in different locations or/and applications can be gathered and displayed for you to take data driven decisions to improve your business. This is really what business intelligence is about.


    Business Intelligence is not only a project. It's more than that - its a journey. A journey of continuous improvements where your organization learn to trust the data and the stories made.


    We help you with this journey and we deliver BI-as-a-service, that is a fully managed BI-service so your organization may focus on the analytics rather than building the backend data warehouse. Mimico work primarily with the best BI-vendors on the market - Looker and Google BigQuery but we are also certified Tableau and Qlik developers.

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  • Partners

    We work with top notch technologies!


    The data you need now. A platform built for tomorrow.

    Looker connects people with useful data in a scalable, flexible way.

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    Data Pipelines, Reinvented.

    Effortlessly replicate your business data into the cloud warehouse of your choice.

    Read more about Fivetran!


    Matillion is data transformation for cloud DW.

    Purpose built ELT for cloud data warehouses, including Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Snowflake.

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    Go beyond what’s possible in Google BigQuery.

    Code faster. Accelerate insights. Control your costs.
    All in one powerful IDE

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    Quantum Metric

    Real-Time. Digital Experience. Insights At Scale

    Quantum Metric uncovers insights to why visitors struggle on your website and apps, unlocking actionable opportunities to impact engagement and recover lost revenue.

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